Florence Regional Sewage District
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Welcome to Florence Regional Sewage District

The Florence Wastewater Treatment Plant consists of four phases of treatment: preliminary treatment, secondary treatment, disinfection, and sludge handling. In the preliminary treatment phase, large solids and inorganic materials are removed from the sewage. The secondary treatment phase is a biological process that concentrates on the removal of organic materials. Disinfection of the final effluent is accomplished through Ultraviolet Radiation. Sludge is stabilized in aerobic digesters and sludge stabilization lagoons. The end result becomes a highly useful and effective product when applied to farmland.

The Florence Regional Sewage District was formed in 1992 and organized as an independent municipal corporation of the State of Indiana. Our purpose is to provide a highly efficient, effective and courteous service to our customers.

It is our mission to be the leader in our field, to be the best managed, best qualified provider of clean wastewater with the highest respect to our environment so that we may all enjoy a good quality of life for years to come.
2018 Board of Directors
Robert Wheeler                                 President
Clifford Hatton                             Vice President
Patricia Chase                          Secretary / Treasurer
Sandra Maples                                     Member
Patrick Lyons                                       Member
Image Source  USGS